COVID-19 Information

June 2, 2021

Ohio COVID mandates are changing as of today, June 2nd. We have reviewed and made some changes to our current policies as a result of this.

We are moving masks to "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" status in most cases, and only requiring them if we need to gather indoors as larger groups due to inclement weather. We still highly recommend that everyone wear them as often as they feel comfortable.

Please review the following document, as it has changed, to help familiarize yourself with our policies.

Updated - 2021 Operating Policies

If any of our policy changes are concerning to you, or you have questions, please reach out to Kenton VanDuyne at

May 18, 2021

Camp Bethany's current COVID-19 plan for the 2021 camping season. We are aware that Ohio policies are changing as of June 2 and will continue to take that into consideration when reviewing our policies, with the operational goal of keeping our campers and staff healthy.

Please read the following document to help familiarize yourself with our policies.

2021 Operating Policies.pdf

April 11, 2021

As we are all aware, during these times of global pandemic, everything needs to be changed in order to function. Last year, Camp Bethany was able to function in a limited capacity, and with God’s guidance and protection, we were able to have no COVID-19 cases, while having 3 new commitments to Christ and 9 baptisms!

Our goal is to expand our programming this summer, to be as close as possible to our usual full schedule of programming, and therefore to reach as many kids and teens as possible for Christ, of course while still limiting the potential for COVID-19 outbreaks.

With this goal in mind, and after prayer and studying, the Board of Directors of Camp Bethany has decided to make some changes to our usual schedule. This letter is to make you aware of those changes.

  • Adult Retreat:
    Adult Retreat will not be held at the start of the summer camping season this year. We would like to consider offering it at a later time this year, but the date has not yet been determined.
  • Mini-Camp:
    Mini-camp WILL be held this year, but parents will NOT be permitted to attend mini-camp with their children this year. We apologize for this decision and realize it will cause some families to not be able to participate in mini-camp for this year. However, the restrictions we are required to operate under will not permit us to accommodate parents. Our option then was to either cancel mini-camp completely, or hold mini-camp without parents. While we realize what a great experience camping in a parent-child team can be, we decided it was better to offer mini-camp for those children ready to sleep away without parents, as opposed to not offering a camp experience for younger kids at all.

All of our other programming is scheduled to proceed during the usual dates, with much of the same kind of precautions that we used last year.

If you would like more information, please review our 2020 Safe Operations Policy. An updated version for 2021 will be released prior to the camping season as we prepare and adjust to the updates put out by state and local health organizations.

I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. -Psalm 16:8